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The Fuddling Cup vineyard began on a small pocket of land where Colin and Gail Higgins planted premium Cabernet Sauvignon vines in the Tuart sandy loam soil of Geographe, South Western Australia near Capel within sight of the ocean in 2000. Although our plantings were new, award winning Cabernet has been grown in the vicinity for almost 30 years.

The Geographe Region is fast developing into one of Western Australia's most exciting wine regions. From the pristine shores of Geographe Bay in the Indian Ocean, it stretches across a wide area of coastal plain and rolling hills of the Darling Scarpe from Harvey, south to Busselton and inland to Donnybrook and Collie.

The goal to be a small, integrated boutique wine business making small productions of very high quality Cabernet Sauvignon 'from vine to the glass' has been achieved with the very first vintage attracting critical acclaim and each vintage building on that success. First class viticulture and winemaking practices are employed throughout.

In response to many requests, in late 2009, Fuddling Cup added a small production of white wine to complement our Cabernet. This wine — a Semillon Sauvignon Blanc — is made from grapes sourced in the Margaret River Region. We have worked with our winemaker Simon Ding to produce a wonderfully fresh wine. Subtle complexity has been added by fermenting a little of the Sauvignon Blanc component in new French oak without detracting from the fruit driven style for which Margaret River has become renowned.

From 2010 we source superior fruit from Wilyabrup producing classic Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon exhibiting deep crimson hues with a rich overlay of toasty oak and silken tannins.

Fuddling Cup is a consistent provider of premium boutique Western Australian wine. Despite our relatively small production, we are proud of our product and undertake to maintain and build our reputation on the basis of quality and value.

Fuddling Cup Delivery Van

Some of those logging in will be intrigued after spotting our distinctive delivery van around Perth. We just had to shout about the wine a bit - as well as run a fast and efficient delivery system. So for the petrol heads (and also wine heads!) out there -
here are the details:

Manufacturer: Nissan
Date: 1989
Model: S Cargo
Where: Japan for the local market only but subsequently shipped to Australia, NZ and even Canada and the UK as 'grey imports'
Number built: 12,000 - most of which still seem to be on the road in daily use!
Styled after: A cute snail but tips its cap to the popular
Citroën 2CV van. Its name was an amusing double entendre meaning both "Small Cargo" as well as "Escargot", the French word for snail
Engine size: 1.5 litre - The Fuddling Cup S Cargo has an uprated Turbocharged engine
Transmission: Auto
Fuel consumption: Frugal!
Performance: With the Turbo motor and little weight
(except when full of cases of Fuddling Cup wines for delivery) it can easily keep up with the traffic
Handling: Like a go-cart on steroids!

So give us a smile and a wave when you see us whizz by and if you haven't tried the wine yet ....... don't waste any more time!


our nameFuddling Cup

fuddling cup
(fŭd'-ling kŭp)

A fiendish multi compartment drinking vessel especially designed to befuddle the drinker. This provided after dinner fun in Elizabethan times when those new to the table were challenged to drink from the cups without spilling. With the cups being joined, it seems impossible to drink from one cup without spilling the contents of the others. There is of course a way to do this and after having a laugh at the newcomers expense, the secret would be shared, thus strengthening the bond between the diners.

We have chosen a very modern, colourful fuddling cup to be the centerpiece of our label, with a bare image as a watermark.

First appearing in the 17th Century and remaining popular well into the 18th Century, fuddling cups consists of a series of linked vessels, normally three but can be as many as six. They are joined together with handles interlacing each other and internally connected up by small holes. Those challenged to drain the filled cups without spilling would not know of the internal connections. A drinker must drain the lot if he empties one compartment and not 'fuddle' the job resulting in inevitable liquid adornment!

The secret to drinking from a full fuddling cup is to stand up and suck in the liquor slowly by the lips from a single neck whilst the cup remain stationary on the table in a horizontal position. The cups provided amusement as well as a social function with the shared secret over something quite so frivolous building trust and friendship in difficult times. It is known that Sir Francis Drake and Frobisher toyed with fuddling cups prior to dealing with the Spanish Armada, and Sir Walter Raleigh possessed some to entertain his many guests. There has been conjecture about Sir Edmund Blackadder's fondness for such fiendish devices but for the moment this remains unresolved.

Fuddling Cup Car